by Elephant Phinix

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Lyrics : J.Spets / Elephant Phinix
Beats : Leaf Dog
Cuts : Dj Mighty Mos
Mix / Master : Jk One
Artwork : V.M.


released April 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Elephant Phinix Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Cold feat. Leaf Dog
They wanna keep me in my mental state
But i've been cured from the Athens state of mind
Press play and not rewind i'm just here to remind
All those fakes that i battle with my mind
I'm an Elephant not elegant or relevant
To your pop experiment
I'm dirty gutter straight cold
You melt like butter in the summer
Then i come with rain and thunder, no answer
Answering machine if i don't know your number
We're a society filled with anxiety
So much stress and battle with insanity
Inhale black air black tar heroin
Has filled the atmosphere smell of slut and sin...
So i just open up my third eye
Watch with who i walk watch with who i talk
While i run around the clock sweating in a nervous shock
Somebody save me take me to the doc...
I need my pills i feel the chills
Whatever you love eventually fades away emotion kills
Remember the laughs and the thrills
Remember the names the change
You know real life Kills

I 'm out here in the cold man
I 'm out here in the COLD
I 'm just trying to find my soul
I 'm out here in the cold man
I 'm out here in the COLD
We 're out here in the cold
Just trying to find my soul
Track Name: Halfaneye
What makes a man what makes his legacy
The more i live the more i see i lose my empathy
I got these voices in my head they get the best of me
They make me sweat lose control
High on Ecstasy
I try to keep my cool
But they directing me
Controlling every thought until there's nothing left of me
Yeah i can see them standing next to me
I can't avoid em block em out
Gotta let it be
I thought i had it all i started testing me
What life shall bring and what's not meant to be
The voices made a pattern they connected me
So now reality is stress and i gotta breath...
But that ain't easy as it seems
I only find my peace in dreams
Into the wild i escape where my mind's free
Cause now the voices have a form
They've became me

The Owl
HalfAnEye x 4
Rock on

And on and on we Rock on...
On and on we Rock on...
Elephant the Owl Halfaneye
Track Name: Happiness
It's not a word but a feeling...

Through the eyes of the soul i'm seeking to find redemption
Many doors to choose what is my selection
Usually i'm stuck can't find direction
It builds the pressure inside can't cope with the depression
Everyday's a new lesson no vision for progression
Somebody feel my message to release the tension
Attention, everybody need love and affection
We're sinking in aggression
Feel me...
Hate misery and pain a few things to mention, protection
Stop wasting time get on the right direction, infection
Mind body and soul must find connection
You feel me?
Feel me...
Speak pictures through my songs the rights and wrongs
The Life Death and living it that helped me moving on
Life ain't easy find a way to hold on
Life is precious peace to my people that are gone
No similarity i'm on another level
Way above gravity i kissed goodnight the devil
Don't wanna live in vanity so i just pressed the pedal
Now i'm filled with energy call me heavy metal...
Happiness it's not a word but a feeling a meaning
Connected with life spiritual healing
Happiness the way i feel on stage
When i touch the mic release that rage
Happiness the way i feel for my people
My family and friends man, Non is equal
Happiness cause life is struggle and pain
Addicted to the rawness embedded to my brain
Track Name: Devilshouse
This what you call a dream after you wake up
This is reality vision blur mind is stuck x 3

This is what you call a dream
After you wake up...

This is what you call a dream after you wake up
This is reality vision blur mind is stuck
Black devils vision gotta earn a buck
In greed we trust that's our wrong so we're out of luck
This is my life gotta fight but i 'm the lowest cut
A cloth that can't fit guess was born to be the muck
The muck, No luck so i 'm just screaming fuck
I try to walk along can't feel, still stuck
Live and die situation a one way trip man
Pain's the transportation
We lost our concentration
Now we're trying to find a way out to seek for salvation
Call us the untouchable unbreakable unstoppable
Improbable cause just because...
We snap on your flaws
Jaws with teeth sharp to wake the weak
I been working on it day by day week by week
I go Deep I 'm a creep
The grim reaper everything i've seen made me go deeper
I don't sink now i float
Support my life with everything i wrote and i 'm getting even stronger
Time can't fade me press record i wanna last longer
Longer Stronger
Need to breath the mic is my vessel
I need to breath Life is a wrestle
I need to breath the same hustle everyday
Everybody's changing the same ways
Left Right the front tight but the same fight
I gotta change gotta see never have light
Darkness the same emotion and blackness
Everything has gotta change feel my rage
This is what you call a dream after you wake up
This is what you call a dream
You wake up...